Tarraco Iuris SL moves to new offices in Tarragona

As of the new year, Tarraco Iuris international law firm is now working out of new offices in Tarragona. The new premises allow incorporating the latest models of customer service tailored to our clients.

Our more than 20 years’ experience in advising foreign investors has taught us that the essence of our service is to be in direct and close contact with our clients. While our clients’ interests are mainly on the Costa Dorada, they themselves are usually located very far away in central and eastern Europe. But regardless of where they are based, we’ve always sought to be readily available and made sure our clients can easily contact us and that there are no technical, cultural or language barriers. We want our clients to be able to write to us, speak to us, visit us and even look over with us their documents without distance being an obstacle. For this reason, we strive to adapt to the latest technological advances in communications. Moving our offices is just one more step in this direction as we have equipped our new premises to make the most of all the opportunities the new technologies have to offer.

In most cases, the advice relationship with foreign investors is virtual. It’s only towards the very end of a process that a client may be required to be physically present, although even in these cases this can usually be avoided through the granting of powers of attorney. Therefore, we have tailored our new offices to the real needs of our clients by improving our online services while maintaining the convenience and dignity we have always offered for those who prefer to visit us in person.

5-B, Macià Mallol i Bosch Street
Tarragona 43005 (Spain)

Phone +34.977.243.021

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