New comprehensive Advisory Service for Property Owners

Owning a real estate property is a big responsibility. To protect your rights as an owner, your property must meet all current legal and technical requirements. To give you the peace of mind that your real estate property does meet these requirements and is fully protected legally — both now and in the event of any change in the law — Tarraco Iuris law firm would like to offer you its comprehensive advisory service for property owners.

Based in Tarragona, our specialist team of lawyers and technical experts are ready to handle all your properly-related legal and administrative needs, including the handling of any mediation process and other procedures and the drafting and lodging of documents for the Spanish authorities (local councils, provincial and regional governments, the cadastral register, the Land Registry, notaries public, the courts, etc.) or any third parties (adjoining property owners, neighbour associations, the community of owners, entities involved in expropriation processes, etc.).
To legally protect your property in Spain, we offer a complete range of technical and legal services that includes:

1. Helping you obtain a NIE (foreigner ID number required for tax purposes in Spain).
2. Drafting all property-related contracts, including preliminary, option-to-buy, purchase and sale, and lease agreements.
3. Verifying property charges with the Land Registry.
4. Verifying property zoning with the local council.
5. Verifying any debts owed by the seller to the Community of Owners.
6. Verifying that all tax due on a property has been paid (municipal property tax, tax on income from real estate property, etc.) and drafting and presenting any corresponding tax declarations.
7. Providing an estimate of taxes and expenses so you can budget for the cost of transferring a real estate property.
8. Verifying the applicable marital or inheritance law and advising you on the legal conditions for purchasing or transferring a property.
9. Drafting title deeds for executing property transactions.
10. Accompanying you to sign title deeds and any other notarial instruments, acting as advisers and/or translators.
11. Assisting your negotiations with the bank for using the property as loan security.
12. Registering title deeds with the Land Registry.
13. Informing the local council of a change of ownership for the purposes of local taxes and fees.
14. For sales by non-residents, preparing and presenting declarations on tax withheld for Spanish income tax and handling the collection of any refund.
15. Preparing/lodging applications for:
    a. Certificate of occupancy and energy efficiency certificate.
    b. Building technical assessment report.
    c. Certificate of structural soundness and certification of construction age.
16. Plans and topographical surveys.
17. Undertaking boundary demarcation and mediating in conflicts with neighbours.
18. Undertaking historical investigations on properties and updating the cadastral record for divided or joined plots.
19. Advising you on:
    a. Utility connection and the possible use of wells and springs.
    b. New construction, reform or landscaping projects.
    c. Business projects.
    d. Road and path refurbishment.
    e. Land and building assessment.

Are you sure that your property does not run any legal risk?

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Please contact us for any service you require that is not listed.

Carlos Prieto Cid – Your legal adviser in Spain

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