Is it a good time to buy real estate in Spain?

After a continued drop in prices and sales from 2006, the Spanish real estate market has been on the up and up since 2016. The current international climate might even encourage us to invest in property in Spain.

The energy crisis, inflation and the instability caused by the Russia-Ukraine war are causing a contraction of the economy and an ongoing devaluation of the euro, and all indicators suggest that this trend will continue. But there is an upside to this gloomy news. Whenever currencies devalue, smart investors seek to put their savings in safe assets, and the safest place to invest has always been real estate.

Spanish people have inherited from their parents and grandparents the idea that you should always own you home, no matter your age or stage in life. This conservative mentality has traditionally had a huge impact on the real estate market, creating a higher demand than would be expected given the economic climate. Added to this are the hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals looking to retire or spend their summer holidays in Spain who jump at the chance to buy property here. Spain is also number two in Europe for people owning a second residence, at nearly 15%, this further straining the real estate market.

All this takes us back to where we started: buying property in Spain is a safe investment. The major crises of recent years should not let us forget that, for decades now, property has been the best and safest way to invest in Spain. And the current crisis has put prices back at a reasonable level after they hit rock bottom in 2016.

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